Ambient Inspiration I

April 17th, 2007

“Lead with your body and your heart will follow”

I like this idea, as it gently debunks the notion that the only ideas worth following are the ones that are accompanied by a warm and fuzzy feeling of happy certainty. In fact, when I think back on some of the times that intuition has worked most strongly in my life, it generally announced itself with considerably different emotions – ambivalence, dread, fear, nausea, occasionally even apathy. This is, I think, because my intuition is least mistakable when it’s urging me to do something out of my ordinary. And yet, when I followed, I rarely regretted the decision. Most (though not all) of the time, I was delighted beyond anything I could have imagined.

A similar saying that I’ve always loved: “when you pray move your feet.”

I think the two combined make for a powerful reminder indeed:

Desire doesn’t have to come from your heart to be true – sometimes it comes from the head and feels more like homework.

Whether it feels like desire or homework, articulating the desire is important, as is taking physical action.

Finally, if you lead with your body, you greatly increase your chances of feeling genuine enthusiasm and seeing results.

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