Ripostes & Rejoinders – Twelve Vikings in a Sauna

March 2nd, 2007

Following my adventure within an adventure, “Tales From the Gym – Sartorial Subterfuge” two readers wrote in, urging me to make good on my threat/promise and wear my green velvet Renaissance Festival dress the next time I’m headed for the treadmill. One reader went so far as to speculate what might happen if I wore such a costume into the sauna afterwards. Would my own sartorial subterfuge trigger another splitting of realities? What, my reader asked, would a Renaissance Sauna be like? She immediately (virtually) shivered and took it all back – urging me to forget the project entirely. Apparently the visual of a pre-modern sauna was enough to kill the fantasy. For me, on the other hand, it was a delightful jumping off point. Renaissance Festivals and SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) events were the playgrounds of my childhood; when I’ve worn this dress before, I’ve been surrounded by all sorts of delightful characters – most of whom ended up being costumed as 9th century Vikings. I feel certain that if I do, in fact, break out the green velvet dress, the sauna at my gym will immediately be populated by large men clad in iron and leather, all of whom will be drinking home-brew from big horns, invoking Thor and Loki, threatening to raid and pillage, stomping around and swearing to see each other again in Asgard.

Incentive, or disincentive…?

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