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March 2nd, 2007

A reader recently wrote in with a compliment and a request for an expansion of my imaginative terrain. She writes, in reference to my Muse, “…it is, as usual, highly entertaining, but I’d love to read about something other than just your visits to the gym! :) …” First of all, thank you dear reader! It is always an absolute delight to discover that people are reading my Muse, and when I discover that people both read and enjoy it, my joy cannot be contained. Which means that I must take requests for, shall we say, a broader narrative scope quite seriously. I don’t think I can leave the gym just yet – it has provided too much fascinating fodder. “A rich vein of material” as one of my writerly friends puts it. But I do plan to introduce a new series next week detailing my adventures at the Venice Beach drum circle, along with a less narrative, more whimsical category called “les poesies quotidienne” (French for everyday poetry). And I have a couple of other stories up my sleeve as well. Hopefully if I dilute my tales from the gym with some tales from elsewhere, you will continue to indulge my fascination with naked networking?

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