Tales from the Gym – Sartorial Subterfuge, Day Three

February 23rd, 2007

I came to the gym today expecting the next installment in the unfolding mystery – and I was not disappointed. As I was making my way out of the sauna, I crossed paths with a lady who was just coming in. She was completely naked, except for the raspberry beret perched atop her head. I suppose it too could have been described as maroon, but I challenged anyone who was rocking out to the top 40 in the ‘80’s to call a reddish-pink beret by any other name. I can’t confirm whether or not she walked in through the out door, but she did wear her birthday suit and a beret into the sauna which attests to her non-conformity. Now, people are never completely naked in the sauna; nearly so, yes, but not completely. And no one ever wears a hat, not even the plastic-people – they may wrap themselves from ears to toes but the head is always uncovered. I think covering one’s head in the sauna could result in instant apoplexy, since 90% of the body’s heat escapes through the head (according to a random and totally unverified website). Perhaps unmitigated nudity was necessary to offset the risk of wearing a wool-covered head into a sauna. But what could motivate such risk-taking? What kind of challenge could only be met through such audacious fashion choices?

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