Tales From the Gym – Cause and Effect

January 15th, 2007

Loitering in the sauna the other day, I overheard two thought-provoking conversations that I am convinced are somehow intertwined. Two women were sitting at the end of the lower bench (vertical placement is important in the sauna as each bleacher-style bench inhabits a different climactic stratum; people on the upper benches don’t talk much and when they do you can’t really trust them as they might be having heat stroke). The subject was entrepreneurialism. An older woman in her 50’s was distilling some of the wisdom she’d gleaned along the way to financial success and sharing it with her 20-something companion. “The key” she explained, “is to identify who among your inner-circle has a poverty mindset – and stay away from them. You know the type; they’re the ones who always talk about what they can’t afford instead of how they’re going to afford it. When you tell them you want to buy in an exclusive neighborhood, they’re the ones that’ll tell you you’re dreaming. You can’t be too careful when it comes to choosing your company. What your mind hears as truth is what it produces as truth.”

Over the next few minutes the sauna cleared out and a new group gradually filtered in. Eyes closed, I heard an enthusiastic squeal: “You! You have lost some weight!” A second voice responded in mellow and appreciative tones: “Well… maybe a few pounds. But how did you know?” The first voice rejoined: “because you’re shorter! Don’t you know? When you loose weight, you shrink!” Second voice was thoughtful: “Really? How does that work, exactly?” First voice expounded. “Well, your height is made up of everything, right? Skin, bones, muscle, blood, and fat. So when you loose fat, you loose a bit of your height. You know how I figured that out? Whenever I’m fat, my pants don’t touch the ground. But when I loose weight, they go all the way down. It’s the only explanation – when you loose weight you get shorter. And I noticed it in you right away. You’re shorter! You’re loosing weight big time!”

If the mind produces as truth what it hears as truth… I wonder how many people walked out of the gym that day a little bit shorter than when they walked in?

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