Odyssey 2006 Day 9 - Present

December 4th, 2006

I haven’t done much literary musing lately, though certainly not for lack of subject matter. When last we met, we were watching Sam save a litter of baby puppies (I know it sounds redundant, but puppies might be infants, toddlers, or even adolescents, right?) from where they languished in darkness and anonymity under the porch of a log cabin in East Lynne Missouri. I am happy to report that the baby puppies are now adolescent puppies, the mother survived the double ignominy of constant, indiscriminate petting of herself and her offspring by a parade of strangers, and nearly being nursed to death by the eight aforementioned offspring who, within days, were collectively bigger in mass than her.

Meanwhile, Sam and I continued westward in our adventures. After Missouri, we stopped overnight in Denver, for a few days in Mesquite Nevada, then arrived in Los Angeles on the 28th of September. Our first stroke of magic was quickly forthcoming. The afternoon of our arrival we drove directly to a house in North Hollywood that had a master bedroom suite available for the month of October (thank you, CraigsList). We liked it, the current occupants gave it to us, we unloaded all of our earthly possessions from the car, and were on our way again – maybe 45 minutes later – with an address, a home, and a place for our stuff.

October went quickly, with trips to San Francisco and France taking up chunks of our respective time. When at home in “NoHo” we found an office at a local independent coffee shop with free WiFi for the computers, and started looking for jobs and our next place to live post-October. And, we struck gold again – Sam is now quite busy with graphic design and web work, and we’re settling into our new home in the West Los Angeles/Santa Monica area. We absolutely love our neighborhood; we bike to the ocean for sunsets, walk or bike to the office (local coffee shops), and have two organic grocery stores and a Trader Joe’s near-by. To make things even better, on our block I can get a pedicure for $10 and a massage from a local school of massage for $35. Heaven! Los Angeles is turning out to be great. We’re rarely on the highways (which is good, since “highway” is synonymous with “time warp” and it takes an hour to go five miles during rush hour), have clean air, and walk or bike to just about anything we need. I still meet people who don’t understand how we could just pick a city seemingly at random, with no jobs lined up, no family waiting, no apparent and compelling reason to go, and orchestrate a cross-country relocation. But so far, I have to say… I’m happy we followed our instincts. I’m sure rational reasons will present themselves later. As if living two miles from the Pacific, and around the corner from a school of massage wasn’t rational enough…

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