Odyssey 2006 Day 8

September 10th, 2006

East Lynne, Missouri:  2:00 AM and the moon is so full I think it’s trying to climb in through the bedroom window.  Two floors down a batch of hungry and competitive two day old puppies are squeaking into the night.  We’re staying with a friend who lives about ten minutes from where I grew up.  She’s built a glorious cedar 21st century techno log cabin in the woods; there’s Wi-Fi on the porch that overlooks a pasture filled with a herd of horses and cows.  Inside, there are stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and Columbian Supremo coffee.

My friend’s dog had puppies the day before we got here, and chose a rather inconvenient spot; the babies are all the way underneath fourteen-foot deep wrap-around porch, up against the wall of the house – in other words, totally inaccessible.  Sam set out to rescue the puppies, and was prepared to slide on his belly across all fourteen feet of dirt with about zero inches of clearance above his head… but then the puppies stopped making any noise and in a panic, we got out the hammer and pried off one of the floor boards.  Turns out, the puppies were fine – just sleeping.  There are eight of them, and they’re gorgeous, with little pink feet and tongues, and miniature baby features.  The mother is looking a little dazed – she’s not very big, and feeding eight babies seems to be taking a toll on her.  So we went to the vet and bought puppy formula to help the mother supplement her feedings.  We had a puppy feeding party last night, where, somehow, all the boys ended up in the living room watching a car race and drinking beer, while the girls ended up in the garage, sitting on tractors, feeding babies with little bottles.  Sam, in true form, wandered back and forth.  I don’t think there’s anything cuter than hearing him talk about “baby puppies” with his French accent – unless it’s watching him bottle-feed a baby puppy while saying, gently, “come on man, eat!”

Tonight there are coyotes outside and puppies safely relocated inside, in the garage.  At one point my friend’s boyfriend wryly observed that, in all likelihood, the puppies would have been just fine if we’d left them under the porch.  Did they really need to be rescued, or did we just need excuses to pet puppies?  To be fair, I should point out that the boys have been sneaking into the garage, one at a time, in isolation, to cuddle puppies…

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