Driftwords – Betrayed

September 29th, 2008

Lying in bed one afternoon, I overhear my neighbor talking to someone on his cordless telephone. He’s outside in his garden, and he doesn’t realize – he never has – that everything he says floats up over the hedges and into my bedroom window. From my nest of pillows, I’ve overheard a great many intimate details… He should be more careful.

As it turns out, he’s finalizing his plans to deliver me to the enemy. I can’t hear everything, but I hear enough. It seems that this whole neighborly business was just a charade. Seven years… seven years he’s lived next door! And all the while, it was just a cover – in reality, he was peering at me through the drapes, and scribbling the details of my existence in notebooks. What vision this man must possess; not to mention stamina! The faith required for such a mission takes my breath away. I almost want to go along with his plan, just to reward him.

My driver is involved somehow, though I can’t quite make out the details. I suppose every time I get into the car I’ll have to wonder whether he’s really taking me shopping, or whether he’s taking me to my kidnappers.

Perhaps I can just stay in bed forever. He can’t, after all, break into my home and carry me bodily from the premises. Rather, he must wait for me to make myself vulnerable – to entrust myself to the care of another.

I wonder what the enemy wants with me. I’m quite curious, actually. Perhaps I’ll call my neighbor on his portable phone and ask. I’ll wait until he’s deep in conversation, until something particularly sordid has just floated up over the hedge, then I’ll dial his number and try not to giggle when I hear him, through the window, excusing himself to take another call.

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