Questionable Generosity

May 29th, 2008

Looking for gifts from the ocean, I see a little stone. It’s for me! I try to pick it up and it is too heavy. I dig, it’s more than buried, it’s embedded. I’m starting to sense that it’s quite a bit larger than I thought. I wait for a wave to come up high enough that it will help me excavate my present. The wave recedes, and I realize with a terrified start that the “stone” has the exact shape, color and texture of a horse’s hoof. My god, what kind of gift is this?! Terrified, I can’t stop digging. I am about to uncover a dead, buried horse. Forgotten to the world until the tip of one hoof broke the surface of his sandy grave. Great is my relief, tempered with disappointment, when my fingers finally gain purchase, and I find that my gift is, after all, a rock.

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