Characters – Santa Monica Weekend

April 14th, 2008

Spotted on the oceanfront bike path on a sunny Sunday morning:

A man wearing a fleece suit, rollerblading, while playing a very large djembe suspended from his back by a strap.

A unicyclist, slaloming slowly and gracefully amongst the pedestrians, eyes closed, face turned up to the sun.

A woman bicyclist with waist-length blonde hair and the face of a sixty year-old atop the body of a twenty year old, wearing a bomber jacket and a thong on the outside of her see-through tights.

A gentleman rollerblader gliding along the path while holding a large dog, belly up to the world, in his arms like a baby.

A man on a bike with two twin bike baskets behind the seat, each basket filled to overflowing with a large, fluffy, unperturbed cat.

Entry Filed under: Observable Phenomena