Ripostes & Rejoinders – Do These Genes Make My Eyebrows Look Fat?

April 3rd, 2008

A few weeks ago I posted an article detailing a few of the beauty secrets we never knew we wanted to know – knowledge gleaned one afternoon from an enthusiastic and talkative group of women in the sauna. Among their surprising revelations was the fact that menopause makes one’s eyebrows stop growing. ?? Who knew??

Apparently, one of my reader’s knew, as she wrote in with a clarification.

Menopausal eyebrow activity, she pointed out, is highly individual; some may experience a change in hair growth, while others may not. Further, there is something known as the “bushy eyebrow gene;” scientists have discovered that those who are endowed with the bushy eyebrow gene do not lose loose their brows in middle-age.bushy-eyebrow-gene.jpg

I can only imagine the fright experienced by that first scientist who discovered the bushy eyebrow gene…

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