Characters – The Family Lamb

March 27th, 2008

I have a diminutive stuffed black lamb that Sam occasionally uses to ventriloquize his moods. Sometimes, for example, the lamb is too excited and wound up to sleep, so he gallops around the bedroom, up the walls, and across the ceiling. Sometimes, when he’s so happy he’s ready to burst, the lamb stands up on his back legs and does a little dance, front feet clasped in Sam’s hands so he can dance along as well. Occasionally, when I’ve been immersed in my own work for too long, my field of vision will be interrupted by an airborne, somersaulting lamb, who has decided to circumnavigate the room via a trajectory that passes between my eyes, and whatever project I’m working on. When I look up, Sam is invariably sitting still, facing some other direction, looking innocent.talking-lamb-21208.jpg

Here’s what the lamb had to say when I got home from work on Valentine’s Day:

Entry Filed under: Observable Phenomena