Tales From the Gym - Tough Love

March 10th, 2008

One of the gym regulars, clothed and ready for the outside world, crossed paths with Alis on her way out of the locker room. She threw a casual “thank you Alis!” over her shoulder as she passed.

Alis grumbled under her breath. “Goodnight honey” she responded, her volume a little too high, her tone a little too close to the edge.

The woman looked uncertain, but smiled.

Alis continued, drawing out each syllable to the point of the grotesque. “You be good honey!”

The woman picked up her pace, checking to see how far she had to go to get to the door. “I will Alis, thank you.”

Alis’ volume ratcheted up even higher. “Good job tonight honey!” “See you tomorrow honey!” “You take care now honey!”

The woman started speed walking toward the locker room exit, and leapt over a bench rather than slow down to walk around it.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do honey!” “Come back soon honey!” “You’re looking good honey!”

Dropping all pretenses, the woman broke into a run, throwing a defensive “I love you Alis” over her shoulder as she sprinted out the door.

Behind her, Alis chuckled.

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