Poesie Quotidienne – Life in Phantasia

February 28th, 2008

Driving towards the mountains the other day, Sam pointed out an interesting phenomenon – the mountains had disappeared. Blue sky arced from the top of the world’s dome down to the hazy horizon; it didn’t look like the mountains had been rendered invisible – it looked like they’d been erased.

Morbid curiosity mixed with trepidation as Sam observed, “I think the writers erased the mountains because they’re tired of being on strike.”

An interesting possibility.

Television, film and radio writers have been on strike against producers since November over issues around fair payment in an evolving industry. If the writers refuse to create new stories, then actors have nothing to act, directors nothing to direct, producers nothing to produce and consumers nothing to consume. Hopefully, this will lead to a resolution of the writers’ grievances. But in the meantime, it only makes sense that with the imagination industry grinding to a halt, with no new stories – arguably Los Angeles’ principle export – this city will slowly start to disappear. What’s next? If the producers don’t pay up, will the writers erase the Hollywood sign? The Hollywood Hills? The Pacific Ocean itself? The Nothing has been unleashed, and it’s being allowed to nibble away at the outskirts gmork.jpgof our land.

I’ve been looking over my shoulder for the G’mork ever since…

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