Tales From the Gym – Things You Never Knew You Wanted to Know…

February 21st, 2008

There was quite a session of information-sharing in the sauna tonight. When I entered, conversation was already heated, and tips on the proper application of sea salt were flying. It took me several minutes to discover what, exactly, we were supposed to do with the sea salt… eat it? Sprinkle it on the rocks that heat up the sauna? Stir it up in our water and drink it? Finally it all became clear – apparently if you take a shower then stick sea salt all over your wet skin, then go sit in the sauna, the sea salt will make you detoxify faster. Who knew?

Then we moved on to the magical powers of potassium. Everyone takes potassium supplements apparently, and it does amazing things for the body. It’s good for the liver, bears some relationship with the sweating and drinking of water that go on in the sauna… and the lady who was clearly the leader in sauna-sophistication and savvy gets her potassium by prescription from a doctor in Paris!

Juniper berries are nature’s third miracle; you can drink them in tea, or you can buy them in powder form and put them on cellulite, where apparently they make good things happen.

Last but not least, I learned that when losing copious amounts of weight, as we all plan to do from coming to the gym and hanging out in the sauna for hours at a time, stretch marks become a concern. No problem – oil yourself inside and out, and always work out in extra-tight clothing so nothing moves and the skin has no reason to stretch. Brilliant!

Beauty Bulletin: menopause apparently makes your eyebrows stop growing… ?

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