Poesie Quotidienne - Characters III

May 1st, 2007

Santa Monica – Spotted: one fat, sleek, totally unperturbed bunny hopping lazily down the bike path that parallels the Pacific Ocean. Looking for all the world like the rest of us who were perambulating as an excuse to wallow in the late afternoon sunshine – except that we’re human and he’s a rabbit. Nothing but sand, sand, and the very busy Pacific Coast Highway for miles. Alarmed, I approached the bunny, wondering if I should stage an intervention, wondering how I was going to carry a bunny in my arms while running back to my car, three miles away. How did a bunny get out here in the first place? And how is he going to survive with nothing but sand and the occasional abandoned Frisbee to nibble on?

I was quite relieved when a smiling young man wandered over and told me that his pet was enjoying all the attention. Assured that he was neither starving, scared, nor rabid, I gave the bunny a scratch between the ears and continued on my way.

Santa Monica – Random, ephemeral, sand art etched into the beach. sandsun.JPG Lost amongst millions of footprints and hundreds of miles of coastline, soon to be erased by the wind, the tides, or the crazy beach trucks that come by every night to “groom” the sand. But we saw it.

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