Tales from the Gym – Why Fight Gravity?

April 27th, 2007

Tonight a lovely woman in her ‘60’s or ‘70’s came into the sauna. She shook out her plastic bags, laid them down and reclined upon them. The only strange thing was… instead of choosing any of the five shelves placed at various heights, she went straight for the floor. Right in front of the door. Truth be told, if it wasn’t a Saturday night, she might have risked being trampled to death because the body of a prone woman is not what you expect to find under your feet as you enter the dimly lit and perpetually shadowy sauna.

I was immediately intrigued by her motives. It could be the case that she prefers a lesser degree of heat than that provided by any of the shelves. Since heat rises, the floor of the sauna would be the most temperate zone… if “temperate” can be applied to a climate that hovers around 200 degrees and 0% humidity.

Or it could be the case that she knows something about gravity that the rest of us have yet to figure out. She was in strikingly good shape, and I couldn’t help but think of all the anti-ageing propaganda circulating in the popular media. Maybe defying gravity is old news; maybe the ageing-savvy go with the forces of nature instead of fighting them. Maybe we’d all age more slowly if we stayed as close to the earth as possible, instead of increasing gravitational stress on our bodies by choosing the top shelf in the sauna.

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