Poesie Quotidienne – Cats and Mice

April 17th, 2007

Sam and I were talking about cats the other day, wondering how to characterize their apparent delight in torturing creatures smaller than themselves. We agreed that to human sensibilities, it looks diabolic. Imagine a cat wavering between rapt attention and boredom as it bats a mouse back and forth between its paws. Chasing the mouse into various places from which it cannot escape, just to watch it run. Alternately preventing and enabling the mouse’s escape; all in the interest of an afternoon’s diversion. Occasionally nibbling slightly on the mouse to make it run differently, more interestingly.

Torture, right?

But I’m always suspicious of the inclination to project very human emotions and perceptions onto animals, in an attempt to universalize the normalcy of the human experience.

In his pithy way, Sam cut my philosophizing short when he wondered aloud… “Maybe cats want pets too?”

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