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Driftwords – Possessed Ponytail

I’m sitting in a chair in a waiting room, waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Ambient light picks out the large objects, but a pervasive, interior dusk hides the details. There’s no breeze, but creamy curtains undulate against chocolate colored walls. A woman waits with me; she walks the parameters of the room, examining each of the framed images on the four walls, one by one. She’s wearing a long skirt in an autumnal color that dissolves into the walls, and a sweater that blends into the curtains. Dark blonde hair is gathered into a braided ponytail that falls to her waist. I never see her face. As she studies a framed photo across from me, the ponytail slowly lifts itself from her back. The plait moves like a serpent’s body, fat, muscular, and glossy. The tuft of hair at the end of the braid becomes the creatures head. Three feet from its source, the tuft has become dry and brittle; filled with split, fractured hairs. Moving sinuously, the braid curls itself into the shape of a “S”, lifting perpendicularly off the woman’s body. It flexes and relaxes, body rippling, the strands of the plait reflecting fragments of the meager light. The tuft of hair appears to take in the contents of the room – random furniture, scattered magazines, me. The only thing it ignores is the woman to whom it is attached. She, similarly, seems unaware of her cohabitant. She continues her measured progression around the room, her skirt swaying slightly with her movements. I watch the rippling braid, trying not to get caught staring.

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Tales from the Gym – the Naked Sauna Faerie

You wouldn’t think it would be so easy to be oblivious in such close quarters. The sauna is the size of a small bedroom; there’s only one way in and one way out, and there’s really nowhere to hide.

When I closed my eyes and turned on my music, there were a few women lying about on the cedar shelves. I settled into my favorite position – lying on my back, with my feet propped up against a wall – and drifted happily into a post-workout trance as their muffled noises filtered through my headphones: a cough, a rustle, bare feet padding across the wooden floor. It seemed like just a few seconds later when I heard someone smile a nanosecond before I heard her voice:

“Aye my girl, it looks like you’ve got the place all to yourself. That’s a nice trick.”

I opened my eyes and popped one of my earphones out of my head.

“As you can see” I said, trying to smile and gesture in spite of being perpendicular to my interlocutor, “I’m saving plenty of room for you.”

“Oh no pretty, enjoy it for yourself” she responded with a chuckle. Then she stripped off all of her clothes, except for a shower cap, and said “well, that’s it for me. I’m done!”

And then she left.

And so, as well, had all the other sauna ladies. They’d disappeared, soundlessly, though I would swear the door had never once been opened.

Did the naked sauna faerie wave them away with a gesture from her swimsuit-wielding hand? Did she create an alternate reality just for me – one in which I suddenly had the entire sauna to myself on a busy Sunday afternoon? Regardless of which magical explanation obtains, the sauna is clearly an enchanted place.

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