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The LA Café Phenomenon

I have a love/hate relationships with cafes in Los Angeles. Evenings and weekends, without exception, every Starbucks, Borders, Barnes & Noble and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in town is filled with People Who Are About To Be Stars. You sit down with your coffee and your laptop, and as soon as your ear starts to sort out the buzz of low-toned conversation, you realize that everyone is on the phone with their agent, their manager, their writing partner, their stylist, their publicist. Everyone has a blog. Everyone’s working on their first novel. Everyone just sold a screenplay. Everyone went to an industry part last night. Everyone’s going to a promotional event next weekend, then to Vegas for a week to chill out. Occasionally, you’ll pick up bits of conversation that reveal what all these people do during the daytime – jobs which are just the same as those held by everyone else in coffee-shops across the country. This would seem to be a community of otherwise ordinary folk, who are convinced that with enough ambition and perseverance, they’ll overcome staggering odds and a lack of industry connections and break into the artistic/entertainment career of their dreams. I love them! I hate them! What a novel experience, to feel like I belong somewhere! How terrifically irritating, to be just like everyone else!

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