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Tales from the Gym – The Society of Random Picnickers Goes Feral

Spotted on the floor of the locker-room foyer this evening: several shreds of partially chewed lettuce. There were no picnickers in sight, but the evidence was unmistakable. Corollary data: in a rare departure from the normal soul-less pop, the gym sound system was playing Debussy’s “Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun”.


I think the picnickers got tired of eating citrus, mushrooms, and ginger, so they lured a faun into the gym with a trail of lettuce leaves, then roasted him over the coals in the sauna.

I know it’s all circumstantial evidence at this point, but everyone in the sauna looked unusually pleased with themselves this evening…

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Poesie Quotidienne – Characters II

West Hollywood – an extremely well-muscled girl in a French maid’s outfit stepping out at sunset, sporting airbrushed make-up and airbrushed calf-muscles.

Venice I – a robust gentleman with three heavy gold chains nestled in his chest hair, wearing a nothing but a black leather Speedo, white trainers, and a great deal of body oil, leaving his Muscle Beach workout.

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