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Tales from the Gym – Extreme Sweating

Who knew that the world of extreme sports could extend into a gym – much less a sauna? Who knew it could involve sitting as still as possible for as long as possible?

Wikipedia tells me that an extreme sport “…is any sport featuring speed, height, danger, a high level of physical exertion, highly specialized gear, or spectacular stunts.” I would have thought such activities would require tall mountains, deep oceans, steep hills, an airplane. And yet, as I witnessed, all you need to do is wear a wetsuit into a 200 degree sauna. And then sit there without moving for a really long time. You’ve got your danger (heat stroke), high level of physical exertion (dodging heat stroke), highly-specialized (if dreadfully misused) gear, and a spectacular stunt indeed. Maybe even speed – though not in the spirit with which Wiki meant it – as I’m sure that water is evacuated from the human body at a dizzying rate under such conditions.

I’m glad I was still in the sauna when the extreme-sporting woman in question quietly got up and walked out. After all, knowing whether to call such an endeavor an extreme sport or suicide depends on whether or not the practitioner walks away.

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