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Tales from the Gym – Naming the FROBSS

I’ve been looking for a name for the free-floating, nebulous spirituality that surfaces in the ladies’ sauna from time to time, and have decided to call it Free-Range Organic Boneless Skinless Spirituality, or FROBSS for short. Like a chicken, this spirituality was allowed to run free, eating whatever looked tasty – including large, decontextualized doses of Hinduism, Zen Buddhism, and New Age philosophy (foundering on the latter may have been the cause of death). Like our chicken, this spirituality was plucked, skinned, and deboned – essentially removing anything that would be unpleasant, laborious, or interfere with immediate consumption and universal application. Then it was packaged and sold; unfortunately at a price that’s prohibitive to most of the world.

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Tales from the Gym – The Society of Random Picnickers Enrolls Winnie the Poo

Spotted this evening: a naked, Rubenesque, lobster-red woman leaving the steam sauna with a half-empty honey bear clutched in her hand.

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